The Affirmation Station: A New Year, A New You!

“You can change the course of your life with your words.” – Anonymous

New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all done them, and somewhere around spring, we’ve all waved them goodbye. What if this year can be different? What if, instead of focusing on changing a habit or on something you do or don’t do, you make 2019 the year when you truly change your life? To do that, you need to start from the inside out.

So, I propose that, right now, you ground yourself by resetting your mindset. Once you begin to change what’s inside, you’ll begin to see the world around you differently. You’ll start to see the glass as half full not half empty, and you’ll start to expect that good things are coming your way. You will get out of the business of blaming and complaining or frantically reacting to life’s circumstances; rather, you will take control — then you will create the vision of where you are going, and you will bring it into existence.

You might think this is easier said than done, but it can be done. I know because I’ve done it. Before January 1st, I want you to decide how you’re going to show up on that day. Is it going to be just another day, another year — or is this year going to be different? Where do you want your career to go in the New Year? Who do you want to be? And what mindset do you need to have before you set your goals, write down your resolutions, and make your action plan? Think about what you can control — things like your attitude, your beliefs, and your responses to others — and take control of your journey. Don’t wait for permission and don’t wait for others to affirm you. Use your power to affirm yourself.

In 2017, my daughter Brittany was faced with some major challenges at work and was struggling to stay positive during the course of each and every day. In her quest to regain her balance, she did an exhaustive search to find answers to help her stay positive: from books around leadership, self-improvement, and women’s empowerment to podcasts and videos around self-motivational strategies to daily meditation and yoga.

After digesting that wealth of information, she created a wonderful tool to help her shift her mindset and take control of her day, her career, and her journey to her success, and she called it her “Affirmation Station.” This Affirmation Station is a list of fifteen affirmations that she typed, printed, and crafted into an art piece that she hung on her bathroom mirror. It was the first thing she said out loud each and every morning and the last thing she said out loud each and every night. This tool, and how she used it, was a total game-changer for her in 2018. She finally felt that she had control over herself, which helped her respond differently to the challenges around her and inevitably helped her land her dream job in her dream city — New York City.

Affirmations, by definition, are daily positive assertions. Brittany’s affirmations can be a starting point for you as you create your own “phenomenal” in 2019.

Brittany’s 2018 Affirmation Station

  • Everything I desire today and will desire in the future is here and available to me now. I can have it all. 
  • I am brilliant, bright, and beautiful!
  • I deserve to receive massive amounts of love every moment of every day.
  • I am worthy of all the blessings, gifts, compliments, successes, benefits, and all the love that I receive. 
  • I am strong and healthy enough to help others.
  • My heart is open. Love pours in and out.
  • I choose to be curious instead of angry. I choose to be empathic instead of judgmental.
  • I am brave enough to ask for what I need when I need it and even before I need it.
  • I am powerful. I am loved. I am surrounded by miracles!!
  • The Universe and everything and everyone in it are conspiring on my behalf and for my benefit.
  • I am caring and considerate whether or not it is reciprocated. 
  • I am wise enough to observe and listen before I speak and act. 
  • I am smart enough to check my ego at the door and remain ever grateful and humble.
  • I love myself fiercely, loyally, and unapologetically. 
  • I am truly an artist. I already have all the talent I need inside of me to paint, play, and sing my heart’s desire. I have the power to create anything I can imagine or feel. 

The Affirmation Station

As you can see, Brittany’s affirmations are indeed powerful. Feel free to use these or create your own based on what feels powerful and meaningful to you.

Remember, this is about you affirming yourself. What do you need to hear for yourself? This is what needs to go on your Affirmation Station. You are affirming what you already believe about yourself and what you want to become. What you say out loud is what is going to happen. So choose wisely!


  1. Don’t wait for others to affirm you, use your power to affirm yourself. 
  2. Say your affirmations out loud. You need to say them and you need to hear them.

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  1. Barbara Jenkins on January 15, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    Very good counsel and critical reminders. I can remember a time many years ago when I was in a very dark place, going through a divorce, feeling abandoned, betrayed, and rejected, and I did something similar. I found affirming scriptures and pasted them around my mirror to assure my wounded heart that I was not alone, I was wonderfully made, and that I had a future filled with hope. Your Affirmation Station is an important practice for women, especially young women who are searching for themselves and their identities. What we say to ourselves matters. When we speak and think right information, it does change the trajectory of our lives.

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