The Big Clock is Ticking…

As I continue the journey of my next chapter of life, I cannot seem to get away from the thought that the time that I have left is more precious and should be more meaningful. I have always felt and known that life was both short and purposeful but now I feel and see a big clock just ticking away. Ticking away days, weeks, months and years as though they were only seconds at a time.  This visual is in my head and it has made me very reflective of my life, my relationships and my everyday work and I have come to the major conclusion that…

There is too little, too much, too late:

  • Too little love, too little care, too little consideration, too little time;
  • Too much conflict, too much callousness, too many offenses, too much pain;
  • Too late to go back, too late to undo, too late to fix.

So much to do…..So little time left!

In my next chapter, I finally understand that I only have power and persuasion over “Rita” and I am not nor ever will be the “all-powerful Oz” the fixer of everything.  My conclusion? I say…just keep it moving, turn the page, shut the door, get on with living my phenomenal life and fulfilling my purpose. My hope is that you are inspired to do the same!

About The Author


Rita P. Mitchell is an overcomer.  In a career spanning nearly four decades, she has navigated countless roadblocks and conquered numerous obstacles to accomplish her personal and professional goals in the very competitive financial services industry.  Rita became president of her own insurance and securities brokerage firm, Mitchell Financial, Inc., spoke on the TEDx stage, has been a frequent contributor to Black Enterprise magazine, and became the first-ever recipient of First Horizon’s 2018 Inclusion & Diversity Leader’s Award.  Before retiring in early 2018, Rita served as Executive Vice President and Manager of Private Client Services for Middle Tennessee, First Tennessee Bank.  Most recently, she has written Own Your Phenomenal Self, a guide to empowering young career women to achieve their desired success and an Amazon bestseller. In addition, Rita is a certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Trainer, and Speaker.  Currently, she serves on the boards of the YWCA USA, Cheekwood, Leadership Nashville Alumni Association, and Board Chair of the YWCA of Nashville & Middle TN.

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