Owning your phenomenal self means having clarity of purpose and living your phenomenal life authentically! 


Rita and her daughter, Brittany believe in the power of knowing that you are enough, you have enough, and you can own your phenomenal self. By sharing their knowledge, expertise, and creative passions, Rita and Brittany are on a mission to guide and inspire others to live authentically, phenomenally, and have what they want out of life. 

Rita & Britt Living Phenomenally

About The "Own Your Phenomenal Self" Brand

At its core, the "Own Your Phenomenal Self" brand is based on the lessons and principles illustrated in Rita P. Mitchell's debut book, Own Your Phenomenal Self: A Guide on Character, Success, and Leadership. Rita's book is a "Pocket Mentor" for anyone who is ambitious, highly motivated, and who wants to do good in the world, but who is struggling to win in a corporate environment.

Rita's daughter, Brittany is the original "case study" for the teachings in the book. Brittany was able to apply the unique lessons from her mom's book to help her thrive as a Marketing Manager at a Fortune 50 company and eventually helped her realize her true dream of moving to NYC and working for an innovative tech company in the Adtech and Martech space.

Despite their many corporate successes, Rita and Brittany both feel strongly that living a phenomenal life means being just as driven about your personal passions as you are about your professional goals. Through their cooking videos on Instagram and YouTube, their impromptu dance parties with Coach Mitchell (Rita's husband and Brittany's dad), and their non-stop travel adventures, Rita and Brittany show that a full, fun and truly phenomenal life is just as important as career success.

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Media Contact

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