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Renowned entrepreneur and corporate executive Rita P. Mitchell serves as guide and mentor for the reader, taking her through the three core building blocks that lead to becoming phenomenal: character, success, and leadership. In her classic storytelling style, Rita shares her secrets to success, giving young women the tools they need to tap into their power and showing them how to own it.

Filled with profound wisdom, encouraging anecdotes, and practical takeaways, Own Your Phenomenal Self is an unflinching, unfiltered tap into the wisdom and strategic prowess of a female executive who created success on her own terms and who knows how to create success for others. By following Rita’s lead and the advice in this book, young women will learn that they alone get to determine their value, their worth, and their destiny, and they will be equipped to confidently set a course for their desired success.

Are you ready to embrace your phenomenal self? It’s time to shift your mindset, knock down obstacles, and stand in your power.

Get Own Your Phenomenal Self and put your career on the fast track.

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About Spoken Art

Spoken Art is a one-of-a-kind collaboration between dynamic mother-daughter duo Rita P. Mitchell and Brittany A. Mitchell. It is the culmination of affirmation thinking, aspirational poetry, and a lifetime of wisdom. It also features 20 years of Brittany's art and artistic talent.

The concept of Spoken Art came from Rita being spiritually moved to write three poems to match her daughter, Brittany’s three paintings of strong African-American women titled: Let the Sun Shine In, 100% Boss, and Renaissance Woman. As Rita reflected on Brittany's art, she saw her own life’s continuum in the three women reflecting back at her. Each painting representing a phase of her life: as a young girl, as a maturing woman, and as herself, today, fully grown up.

In Spoken Art, Rita and Brittany weave words and art together into meaningful messages they hope will invoke inspiration and aspiration. The purpose of this book is to create a sense of wonder and spark creativity in each of us. This book is also a testament to the power of affirmation thinking and the ability of affirmations to bring you out of the darkness and into the light when you are going through personal tragedy or challenging times.

Spoken Art is about declaring your truth and your heart’s desire. Hopefully, this book will inspire you to seek out the words, phrases, and art that affirm who you are as a person.

Cookbook Coming Soon!

For our next grand adventure, we are creating a family legacy cookbook. From my great grandmother, Ethel Lockett (aka Gigi) to my grandmother, Deloris Powell to my mom, Rita Mitchell to me, Brittany Mitchell. Mom and I are writing this book for my future children (mom’s future grandchildren) and beyond. It will show not only how to cook delicious food, but also why cooking is more than a hobby or a task. Through cooking, we bind together family, deepen friendships, and feed our stomachs as equally as our souls.

- Brittany Mitchell

What People Are Saying About Own Your Phenomenal Self

"Refreshingly sincere. Invaluable perspective from a successful leader that I highly recommend to professionals and their mentors alike."

Evette White

CEO, Executive Selection

"Own Your Phenomenal Self is chock-full of gems of wisdom for corporate/professional survival, success, and self-actualization on the journey to authentic self.  It should be the go-to handbook on the desk of aspiring professionals and leaders."

D. Billye Sanders


"Meaningful and thought-provoking and full of excellent guidance for young women (and men) who are striving to make their mark in the business world."

Leigh Walton

Member, Bass, Berry & Sims

"If this does not get young (and seasoned) women to walk in their purpose, I am not sure what will."

Roxianne Bethune

Diversity Business Consultant

"Own Your Phenomenal Self is much more than a good book shouldbe every professional woman’s GPS for navigating pitfalls, setbacks, boobytraps, andon occasioncorporate idiocy. This book changed me for the better. I urge you to read and risk the same."

Genie James

nternationally-recognized author and speaker and CEO of GJ Enterprises

"A thoughtful combination of real-life experiences, wisdom, and practical tips. This will be a valuable resource that spans decades."

Debra Boblitt

former Senior Vice President of the Southeastern Market of State Farm Insurance

"Spend ninety minutes with this book and you will be ready to own your power."

Linda Peek Schacht

former Vice President, The Coca-Cola Company, and Founding Director, Lipscomb University Nelson and Sue Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership

"Own Your Phenomenal Self provides a message of empowerment that is heartfelt and essential reading.  I have served in senior leadership roles in government, private equity owned and publicly traded for-profit corporations, and nonprofits. I find Rita’s message universally true for all sectors."

Sharon K. Roberson

President & CEO, YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee

“What I love about Rita's book is how she encourages readers to 'own it' themselves rather the ubiquitous advice to 'find a mentor.’ The latter too often is a crutch, a therapist, or way to abdicate responsibility. Phenomenal people usually find power within themselves and Rita tells how in an authentic and direct style.”

Jan Babiak

Independent Board Member; Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., Bank of Montreal, Euromoney Institutional Investors

"[This] book is a big gift in a small package."

Lady Bird

retired Corporate Officer and Government Executive

Where was a book like this when I was twenty-five? Where was a woman like Rita Mitchell in my life and career path when I was twenty-five? This book will motivate and guide many women who were like me twenty-five years ago! 

Christie Wilson

President and Broker, The Wilson Group Real Estate Services

"This book was very instrumental in providing the clarity I needed to regain control over my career to return to the driver’s seat."?

LoLita D. Toney

Community Leader and Senior Director of Development for the National Museum of African American Music

When navigating winding paths or dark streets, we all want to follow someone who has a bright flashlightRita Mitchell not only shines her light for those coming behind her, but she settles into a comfy bench with a great vista in front of her and invites you to sit down and consider the journey ahead. Fabulous.

Trish Crist

CEO, Nashville Education, Community, and Arts Television (NECAT)

"If you feel ‘stuck’ in your career or are struggling to find that ‘next level’ of success, this book will help you confront your internal obstacles, sharpen your focus, and achieve your potential. Thank you Rita!"

Sara J. Finley

Principal, Threshold Corporate Consulting, and former General Counsel, CVS Caremark Corporation

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