Phenomenal Women2Watch

About Phenomenal Women2Watch

I believe you grow as a person when you connect with phenomenal people which is why Britt and I are launching this new series called Phenomenal Women2Watch. This YouTube series is designed to bring you closer to phenomenal women who we think you need to know. When we think of a “woman to watch,” we envision a person who we want to know, talk to, and learn from.

As stated in the takeaways section of “Mastering the Connect” (chapter 6 of my book, Own Your Phenomenal Self):

  1. You cannot be phenomenal without connecting with others.
  2. People connect with others they like, know, and trust; at the heart of this is honesty.
  3. Create win-win scenarios with integrity as you connect.
  4. Deliver on what you say you will do when you say you will do it.

I chose Ashley Hylbert as our first guest on Phenomenal Women2Watch because she has mastered the connect, she is oozing with talent, and she is phenomenal! The whole room comes alive when she walks in and she pulls out the best of who you are and captures it in a still photograph which is no easy task. She is so intense and skilled in her craft that when the finished product is sent to you, it is, in my opinion, the best picture you’ve ever seen of yourself! In addition, she not only has the talent for photography, her craft, but she also has the business savvy to create and build her audience, her network, and her brand.