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After spending almost 40 of my 60 years expertly navigating both a successful company and a corporate career, I can unabashedly say that I am a phenomenal woman and I, Rita P. Mitchell, own my phenomenal self!

Now, as an author, speaker and coach, I am dedicating the next chapter in my life's journey to empowering you to step fully into your passion and your purpose so you can say YES to owning your phenomenal self. Because, whether you believe it yet or not, you too are a phenomenal woman!


About Britt


Marketing is my "double jam!" From managing marketing and paid acquisition strategy at a Fortune 50 company, to direct sales to Fortune 500 companies, to hands-on day-to-day management of marketing operations in a start-up environment, I have spent the past decade building and supporting incredible brands.

I credit my exponential success to the guidance I've received over the years from my phenomenal mom, Rita P. Mitchell. Her book, Own Your Phenomenal Self: A Guide on Character, Success, and Leadership is based on her 40 years of overcoming seemingly insurmountable mountains to reach the top levels of corporate and entrepreneurial success. This book is a go-to pocket mentor that I still use day in and day out to help me reach my goals and desired success. Won't you join me?


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The comprehensive, go-to career guide is here to show you the way! In her book, Own Your Phenomenal Self: A Guide on Character, Success, & Leadership, Rita P. Mitchell dishes on all secrets that will put you on a path toward success no matter your background, experience, education, or credentials.

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